After frequenting a lot of coffee shops over the years we found coffee served at a good quality independent coffee shop is far superior in taste alone compared to the fast food equivalent served in coffee chains now saturating our high streets.

Coffee establishments have come a long way in the last 10 years; customers expect great tasting coffee and high quality surroundings. Still, we have always thought that there is room for improvement and potential to raise the bar. Our dream was the birth of `Coffee Cloud’. Our coffee is of the highest quality. Our beans are roasted independently in Stratford-Upon Avon for Coffee Cloud. Some of our coffee connoisseur customers have already been complimenting us on the quality of our coffee and award winning teas.

All our cakes and food are prepared daily on Coffee Cloud’s premises by our in house baker, to guarantee freshness and quality, complimenting any chosen beverage.

So why not `float by sometime’ and share in the 'Coffee Cloud Experience’.